Sunday, January 25, 2015

Using the TravelScoot with a Service Dog

From Abby:

I have a service dog for mobility problems. Before getting my service dog I used a walker to get around. I am now recovering from my third back surgery, and the TravelScoot has been wonderful! My mobility has tremendously increased with the use of the scooter. I had researched light weight scooters, and even bought a different brand that was supposed to be a light weight scooter. That scooter was not very sturdy and I ended up returning it. Needless to say, the TravelScoot is everything that it was advertised as, very lightweight and very sturdy. My dog, Inglis, from Canine Partners For Life, adjusts very well to walking along side the scooter. When we arrive at a destination on the scooter he is with me to provide balance and support, by my holding on to his harness,  I have included a picture of Inglis and I on one of our many journeys on the scooter.

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