Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Big As TEXAS and my Super Scoot!

This last weekend I was at the Big As TEXAS, an annual size acceptance assembly held in Texas. (To learn more about it go to

On Saturday I led a workshop where we gave a demonstration of the TravelScoot. The best part was letting anyone who wanted to to take a test drive. It's so fun to see the absolute delight people get out of riding it. Even better was hearing folks talking about the ways they would use their scoot. They talked about using it to go places with their spouses/partners (like on a vacation that required lots of walking), to see the Smithsonian, or even to grocery shop.

I also folded it up and passed it around the room so they could see how light it is to lift. Every person who tried was able to lift it. The picture is of me lifting it out of the back of our Honda Odyssey.

This was my first opportunity to take my TravelScoot to a hotel convention. It was easy to take into our hotel room, and very easy to take in the elevators. Bigger scooters that I've rented for conventions in the past have been a problem when it came to getting on or off an elevator. This one wasn't at all. I was also able to take it directly into the restaurants and meeting rooms and park it near where I was sitting. When we left the hotel on Sunday evening to go out to a restaurant I put it in the back of our van and took it with me. I didn't need it at the restaurant, but I had it for when we got back to the hotel.

We've nicknamed it the "Super Scoot" because it's small and mighty.

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