Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Footrest Modification

I had someone ask about the modifications for taller riders, or riders who wanted their feet extended more. The seat can be put in a higher position by using spacer rings provided with the TravelScoot.

The top picture on the left is a picture of a modification Hardy can make to a scoot to extend the footrest by about two inches.

The second photo is my attempt to explain what you're seeing in the first picture.

If you have questions, please ask. If you'd like to see larger versions of the pictures, they are at:



  1. Neither photo lets me click through to the larger version -- in Firefox the cursor doesn't even change when you mouseover, and in IE the cursor changes to a hand but nothing happens when you click.

    [Hey there! Hi Elizabeth! I just found this blog yesterday linked from somewhere, and was delighted to see news of what you and Alan are up to these days -- last I'd heard was back when he was so ill. And this TravelScoot looks amazing.

    Harriet Culver (from the old Compuserve forums and NAAFA and such)

  2. same here regarding the pictures not getting bigger.

    meanwhile, do you find that your feet are so close together and that makes your legs tired? I guess you can just take a break and put your feet on the ground, but if you are scooting around town, I'm wondering if the foot pedal could be longer so I could make micro-adjustments to the distance between my feet.

    Lynn Ellen

  3. Harriet!! It's so good to hear from you. (Or is it "see" from you?)

    Alan is doing great. He almost seems better now than he was before his heart attack. He's also going to the NAAFA Conventions with me now, which is a wonderful treat.

    I fixed the pictures by adding links for you to look at them at a larger size.

    Big hugs!

  4. Lynn Ellen,

    I fixed the post so that you can click on links to see bigger versions of the pictures.

    I'm going to answer the rest of your comment in a blog entry, because that's a concern I had too.


  5. First of all, congratulations and thank you for your blog! I recently bought a TS and Internet resources like your blog have proved truly useful.

    I know this is an old entry, but I wonder if you finally got around to writing an entry about foot pedals. My only complaint about the travelscoot are the footrests - I would like to be able to "push" them further away, at least one of them (I have one leg in very bad shape) or have some kind of "flat" platform that lessens the amount of muscle tension.

    I assume the footrest modification from your pictures can't be purchased and "installed" after buying the scooter. Anyway, I don't know if that would do any good to improve comfort in my case.

    I'm considering putting some kind of empty box between the front handle and the seat, and use it as a "support" estructure for my bad leg (I would still be putting the foot on the footrest, but I would have some level of support to rest my leg over and not lay all my leg's weight and stability on the footrest). I don't know, I'm just trying to come up with ideas.

    Anyway, thanks again for your excellent blog!!! Take care.

    Carlos from Spain

  6. Oh, I guess this is the post I was looking for: http://mytravelscoot.blogspot.com.es/2009/04/foot-pedal-question.html !