Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Foot Pedal Question

Lynn Ellen post a question in the comments section...

"Meanwhile, do you find that your feet are so close together and that makes your
legs tired? I guess you can just take a break and put your feet on the ground,
but if you are scooting around town, I'm wondering if the foot pedal could be
longer so I could make micro-adjustments to the distance between my feet."

I don't know if a longer foot pedal is a possibility, but I had the same concern before I tried the TravelScoot. I've found that it's not a problem. Even though my legs are very large, the position is much more natural than it might look. And of all the people who have tried mine (and they've been many sizes of large, short and tall) no one has had that complaint.

When I'm not in motion on my scoot, my natural inclination is to put my feet down on the ground.

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