Friday, April 3, 2009


Cynth said:

"Thanks Elizabeth I appreciate you answering all my questions :) You have my
undying admiration for this and all seat belt issue work you do."
Thank you. It's hard to believe but it's been 10 years since I started the seat belt campaign. For anyone who might be reading who is thinking, "huh, what?" go to for more information. If you're a big person, and your seat belt is too short, you can find seat belt extender resources there.

"I do have yet another question. I know you said on the page that the travel scoot wasn't
strong enough to take you up ramps. How much of a grade can it handle?

There are slopes at the zoo where I plan on taking my grand kids in a couple of months. This too is the reason I asked if it could be pulled from the front, so if it couldn't haul me up a hill I could walk it up the hill."

I've only been using my scoot for 6 weeks and I don't know anyone else my size who has ever used one, so this is a learning experience for all of us. Hardy told me before I bought mine that because of the weight, ramps were going to be a problem. My experience so far has been that I can do minor ramps (like the ones going into stores) without any problem, as long as I get some speed going first and approach the ramp straight on. It also helps to lean my body forward and put my center of gravity more toward the front of the TravelScoot.

There was one ramp at the Marriott in Dallas that was at least 2 feet tall, with a short rise to it. I approached it going fast and straight on, and make it about 3/4 of the way up. I stayed on the scoot and walked it the rest of the way up. I kept giving it power using the throttle, because that helped me propel the scoot better. HOWEVER, another thing Hardy warned me about, is that the lithium ion battery has a built in shut-off to protect that battery in case it gets overloaded. He said that battery might be a problem for me because of that. It has not been, not even on the ramp at the Marriott. Two other supersize friends tried it too, with the same results. I don't know which battery you are planning on getting, but I prefer the lithium ion one, both because it's lighter (6 lbs as opposed to 20 lbs) and because it doesn't damage the battery to charge it when it's not fully discharged.

I take a "where there's a will there's a way" attitude, and figure out how to work around things like ramps. Be sure you get some speed going before you start up a ramp, approach it straight on, and do not stop while you're on an incline if you can help it. Worst case scenario is that you have to use your feet to push yourself up the incline, you get off the scoot and walk it up the incline, or you get one of your wonderful relatives to give you a little push from behind. (I doubt that that's a Hardy-approved method, but I've got some strong people in my family!)
I can tell you that what it lacks on ramps it will more than make up for on flat surfaces. I'm amazed at how fast it flies!

"I have talked myself into ordering (hello Visa) a travel scoot now... without
saving up cash first. The money it will save me by being allowed to shop myself
will be no drop in the bucket plus I will be free to go places I haven't been to
since I hurt my back 5 years ago."
I need to write up some shopping tips for you, and hopefully before long you'll be giving me suggestions.

"I asked Hardy if he would be willing to sell me a larger seat like the one you
are testing. I hope he is willing."
I'm certain he'll be willing to do that, but he doesn't have them yet. As far as I know I have the only one that exists. It's going to take him time to get them manufactured, but I'm sure he'll send you one when they come in.

Keep me posted on when you order!


  1. Thanks for the ramp info. I did write Hardy about the seat and he said:
    "I received only one sample of the larger seat. For more a quantity production is required and the mfg. needs to make a tooling. But you may meanwhile go with the standard seat and get it free exchanged once the larger seats are available. I guess it takes about 3 months."

    So that is awesome news.

    On the shopping it does not appear that I could buy very much at one time because of the small basket and just by me being on the cart I am pushing its weight limits. But I figured I could just stop at the store on my way home from work a few times a week and get what me and my dog need.

    I look forward to your shopping tips.

    I am getting the lithium ion battery, I figure I am already overloading the battery I need the best one they have.

    I am going to order my travel scoot right now.. say a prayer for my VISA card.

  2. I heard a big bang earlier. Was that your Visa card overloading? :-)

  3. Yes, yes it was... and my wallet is still smoldering.