Monday, April 6, 2009

My Throttle

I almost took somebody down in Target this weekend with my TravelScoot. It's not my fault they pulled out in front of me without even looking up, is it? ;-)

Sunday I met friends at a Super Target. While we were enjoying our Starbucks Coffee and talking, we took turns tooling around Target and testing the new seat (love it) and new seat back. The new seat back was comfortable for everyone else, but not for me, and I think it's because I carry a lot of my weight in my back.

What I really want to write about today is the throttle. The throttle on the TravelScoot is on the right handlebar. You rotate it toward you and it gives the scoot power. When you let it go the scoot stops, or you can use the hand brakes if you're about to run over someone in Target and need to stop really fast. I've written in this blog about having to lean in a little to get my scoot going, and having to push off with my foot. I'd talked to Hardy about this because I didn't have that problem when I tried his scoot. He figured out that the scoot I got had a different throttle than his. My throttle had about a 5-second delay before it kicked into full power. I'm thinking that's so skinny people don't get thrown off the back if they start too fast, but it wasn't working as well for me. Hardy sent a throttle with no delay and Alan installed it Saturday night. It made an enormous difference in how my scoot takes off. I am very pleased with it. Melissa has ridden mine several times and she thought it was a great improvement too.

Rhonda and her husband Dave were there too. Rhonda has a courier service where she delivers legal documents to our governmental building. She has pulmonary problems that cause her to have asthma attacks. She's getting a TravelScoot to use for her business, which hopefully will keep her out of the emergency room this summer. She and Dave learned how to break it down and put it together and they also took it outside and put it in her vehicle. They were so cute. We could see them outside through the window at Starbucks. Dave took a corner on two wheels, and Rhonda went flying by dragging her rolling briefcase behind her. They came back into the store with her driving the scoot with one hand and holding Dave's hand with the other.

We got a number of comments from shoppers. One lady came into Starbucks to ask about it for her mom, and several others made positive comments. It was a fun day.


  1. Excellent news on the throttle. I am happy to hear that it wasn't a lack of power that was holding you back from doing burn outs.

    Five seconds is a long delay for full power, but I can see it whip lashing some frailer folk if it was instant full speed and they would require the back rest be in place to be kept from falling off.

    Glad you had a good time Sunday. Oh and did you submit my name to the TravelScoot site so you get $100 discount on new stuff that you buy there? Seriously I probably wouldn't of ever ordered one if you had not told us about them and started this blog full of info.

  2. I'm glad you've gotten good from my blog and I wish you could have been there with us on Sunday. I have great friends and you would have enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to you having stories of your own to tell about your scooting adventures.

    Thanks for the other suggestion too. :-)

  3. I hope to have shopping stores to tell... Albertson's just announced they are closing their online shopping/home delivery service here April 25. That is how I have been getting my groceries for the past several years.

    So it's a good thing my scoot should be on the way.

  4. I ordered mine today. didn't know about a discount, but I'm not worried. I gave him my vital stats and I hope he gives me the "no delay" throttle.

    I can't wait!!!

  5. Cynth, so has it been several years since you've been in a grocery store on a regular basis? You're going to have fun just looking around at all that's available.

    Lynn Ellen, congratulations on getting yours ordered. We're going to be a hit at the NAAFA Convention. I can't wait to read your first impressions.

  6. hello! i am so glad to meet you! my travelscoot changed my life too. we cruise alot and i go to my country club on mine (we only have one car and i was always stuck at home) and all over! i will bookmark you and read!

    smiles, bee

  7. Hello Empress Bee, and welcome! I'm honored to have you here. If you have any TravelScoot tips to share, let us know.

  8. Elizabeth, I haven't been in a grocery store in about 5 years. There is a lot of new stuff out my family try to tell me about things I might like.. but its not the same as seeing things for yourself.

    I heard from Hardy today he said he sent me the no delay throttle zooooooooooom. I have my tracking number and will be checking it at least a dozen times a day.

    Oh hey if anyone on Portland is reading this I see a TravelScoot listed on Craigs list there for $900.

    Nice to see more people on your site! I too would enjoy more tips on anything travelscoot'ish.

  9. Cynth, you have so much to look forward to. I really cannot wait to hear about your experiences. Yes, you have a lot to see, and a lot to catch up on. Is UPS telling you yet what day to expect delivery? We'll be celebrating that day!

    Thanks for the Craigs list posting too. That's very interesting.

  10. I do, Scheduled Delivery: 04/15/2009
    This will be one of the longest weeks eva.
    I may have to take the 16th off so I can put it together and test drive!

  11. So I just happened to be checking my tracking number this evening for the 3rd time lol and my scooter status:
    arrived in CHATTANOOGA,TN,US 04/08/2009 7:37 P.M. ARRIVAL SCAN

    Boise so far far away~

  12. Yes, and in todays progress.. it has made it from Chattanooga TN to Indianapolis Indiana.

  13. I tracked mine like this too. It went places I've never been!

  14. Did you have to sign for delivery?

  15. No, but with UPS in our neighborhood we don't usually have to sign for delivery.