Friday, April 17, 2009

Four ways to get on the TravelScoot

There are four ways I know of to get on the TravelScoot...

1) The traditional way: Pick a leg and use it to step across the frame then sit on the seat.

2) Lynn Ellen has been stepping thru to get on and since she has not attached the nylon triangle thingy yet she sometimes step into the middle of the triangle and then with that same foot finish stepping through. And when she is not moving forward but still sitting down she moves her feet to the triangle frame.

3) The super scoot way!: Get on like you're getting on a bike, by holding the handlebars and swinging your leg over the back of the seat. (With this method you don't use the backrest.) Resist the urge to rev the throttle and take off in a cloud of dust. :-)

4) Do not latch the seat so it will spin to one side, then you sit and spin yourself into a front facing position. (I haven't tried this one but it's listed in the manual.)

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