Friday, April 3, 2009

Can you walk the TravelScoot?

Cynth posted a comment in the comments section, but I wanted to reply to it here and make it a topic.

"That looks much more comfortable.

I do have a question on another topic though. Can you "pull" the travel
scoot from the front; like walk in front of it and pull it? Or does the belt on
the back wheels have to be engaged to let the back wheels spin?"

The new seat is comfortable and I prefer it given the choice, but the original seat is comfortable too. It's not the same kind of luxury you can get from the big comfy seats on a standard scooter, but I imagine one of those seats weighs just about as much as the whole TravelScoot.

Yes, you can pull the TravelScoot from the front, or walk beside it and push it. It's not my favorite thing to do because it's a little awkward. I usually just sit on it and push with my legs (talk about building up some leg muscles -- who says you can't get exercise from a scoot?) or I could also pick it up and carry it.

I don't know how to answer the part about the belt other than to say you can walk with it and the front and back wheels will spin. You just have to be sure the brake isn't set. I set the brake when I get off it to keep it from moving when I'm getting off.


  1. Thanks Elizabeth I appreciate you answering all my questions :) You have my undying admiration for this and all seat belt issue work you do.

    I do have yet another question. I know you said on the page that the travel scoot wasn't strong enough to take you up ramps. How much of a grade can it handle?

    There are slopes at the zoo where I plan on taking my grand kids in a couple of months. This too is the reason I asked if it could be pulled from the front, so if it couldn't haul me up a hill I could walk it up the hill.

    I have talked myself into ordering (hello Visa) a travel scoot now... without saving up cash first. The money it will save me by being allowed to shop myself will be no drop in the bucket plus I will be free to go places I haven't been to since I hurt my back 5 years ago.

    I asked Hardy if he would be willing to sell me a larger seat like the one you are testing. I hope he is willing.

  2. Cynth,

    I tried walking my TravelScoot last night from the front and it was easy. Easier than walking it from the side, like I used to do with my bike. Good idea!


  3. Thanks Elizabeth. I was hoping it would roll freely. I am thinking dog leash on the front if I have to pull it very far. Gazelle that I am, I don't want it where I will catch my feet on it.

    Mine will ship on Monday I hope it works as well as yours has so far.

  4. Okay, if you put a dog leash on your scoot, *I* want a picture of that!

    There's no reason to think it won't work as well for you as it has for me. If you haven't picked up on it from my posts, I've taken a "this is GOING to work for me" attitude, and I look for the good in it. I'm a glass half full kind of girl.

    Do you have someone who can help you get it all set up? I'm sure you could do it by yourself too, but it's nice to have someone there to help figure it out.

  5. Should it come down to dog leashes I will send you pictures. We will be going to the zoo the first week of June.

    Yes I have noticed your "extreme positive" outlook, and I do try to stay positive. But if mine breaks (or yours for that matter) I will be so very disappointed.

    My dachshund and I will be the assembly crew. She isn't much help however due to her lack of thumbs and ability to take direction.

    I saw yours in the box but couldn't tell how many pieces it came in... was assembly bad? Did it require 2 people?

  6. I will reserve a special spot on the blog for you and your dog leash. LOL!

    The first time I saw the TravelScoot online, I got giddy. But I knew it wouldn't work for me. There was no way it would work for me. I decided to learn more anyway. I thought if it really didn't work for me that I might be able to convince the company to make one that would work because it was EXACTLY what I'm been dreaming of.

    After weeks of corresponding with him, even when Hardy flew to Baton Rouge to demonstrate it for us, I knew when we were waiting to pick him up at the airport that it wouldn't work for me. I was hoping it would work for some smaller friends. And maybe I could convince Hardy to make one that would work for me.

    I was wrong. It DOES work for me, and I'm larger than you are. There's no reason to believe it won't work for you too. There's no scooter guaranteed to never break or strand you, but that can happen with a car too. When I travel with my scoot I carry an extra belt, the instruction manual, and the small tool pack that came with the scoot. If something happens, I'll figure it out.

    Today my TravelScoot wasn't just handling my weight, it was also pulling my mother and her wheelchair. That's pretty amazing, and it did it all without a problem. The body shows no signs of problems. Nothing has bent or broken. That aircraft grade aluminum is some sturdy stuff.

    Assembly wasn't bad, it's just that assembling anything can be confusing. Read the instructions carefully and take your time and you will be fine. It didn't require two people, but my hubby and I did work on it together, because that's what we do. :-)

  7. Good idea to carry the tools, directions and an extra belt. I will pack a scooter emergency kit to take with me too.

    Speaking of belts, does yours show any sign of stress yet? Has it had to be adjusted at all?

    I have been impressed that you have been able to drive with one hand while pulling either a shopping cart or your mother in her wheel chair with your other hand.

  8. My belt doesn't show any signs of stress yet. The last time we checked it was last night.

    I was pretty impressed with being able to do that too! Today I bought about $110 in groceries from Target using the "pull the buggy" method, and I didn't have any problems.

  9. Nice, good to hear the belt still looks good.

    Does the scooter fit through the checkout stand? Did you pull the cart out to the car with the scooter too?

  10. The scooter fits easily through the checkout stand, and yes, I pulled the cart out to the car with the scooter too.