Monday, April 27, 2009

Open Bug, Insert Scoot

From Lynn Ellen:

I put the scoot in the back of the VW Bug and it fits just fine, front tire and all. I didn't put the seat in yet, but there's room, as well as the battery. I am thrilled!!! This means I don't have to sacrifice the back seat (where I keep the collapsable nylon dog crate, for the dog to ride back there). And as far as I am concerned, the Scoot will live back there to be available whenever I need it.

I am finding that the scoot, folded and seatless and battery-less is heavy, but not at all too heavy to carry and lift into the car. Now my next task is to find a tote bag that will comfortably carry the battery and seat, as well as the charger, in case I go somewhere where I want to recharge. woo hoo!


  1. Sweet. I am glad it fits in the VW trunk.

    I leave mine in the trunk of my car. I hope the heat of summer will not damage the electric motor.

    After hearing Elizabeth's battery overload story I think I will start carrying the charger with me too.

  2. Cynth, I haven't heard anything about heat damaging the motor. I think we're okay with that. If not, how would it stand the heat of running? (If you haven't accidentally touched it yet after it's been running for awhile, it's HOT.)

    I'm going to start carrying my charger too. Just in case.