Monday, April 27, 2009

What happens when the battery is getting low

I definitely overloaded the battery, because I got no warning. This is what the manual says happens when the Lithium Ion battery is running out of power. Your assignment is to go read ALL your battery manual, so you can learn from my experience. :-)
With the Li-Ion battery, you will see a steady yellow-red phase on your battery meter for about the last 1/2 mile. For proper travel distance planning you need to observe early signs of battery weakness, typically occurring during the last 2-3 miles. There is a brief switch from green to yellow on inclines or when accelerating from a stop, and returning to green when reaching normal driving conditions. Also keep in mind that a battery in this state of discharge is more prone to an overload shut-off.


  1. So how far would you say you rode it to trip the overload? You said across the parking lot and across the street and across another parking lot and into the doorway of Walmart. About how far is that you think? 1/4 of a mile?

    Did you have to wait for traffic to cross the street or did you get one straight shot with no pause?

  2. I think I posted my question under the wrong thread lol

    I meant to post it under the battery overload thread.

  3. It's hard to guess how far I'd gone because I parked far out in the lot, then rode all through Sam's Club, THEN had a straight shot (no traffic) all the way to Walmart. I imagine it was way more than a quarter mile.