Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Riding on Gravel (sung to the tune of "Walking on Sunshine")

This is Lynn Ellen, with San Francisco in the background. What an amazing picture.
And yes, that is hard-packed gravel she is riding on. I tried the same thing in my driveway and didn't even move an inch, so gravel isn't always TravelScoot-friendly, but in this lucky case, it was.


  1. So awesome to see you out there enjoying the day with your dog :)

  2. Thanks, Cynth. She has really adapted to it, on and off leash and I look forward to many adventures. My dad asked if I was worried she'd pull me and cause me to fall but since the scoot feels sturdy and I can put my feet down, and since the leash is securely attached to my waist -and since she is obedience trained - I'm not worried.