Thursday, April 16, 2009

Riding on Carpet and Walking the Dog

I don't know if you all read the comments, so I'm moving Lynn Ellen's comment to a post. Lynn Ellen got her TravelScoot two days ago. The picture is of her walking her dog.

Lynn Ellen said...

Yep. Mine arrived two days ago. I think it is just noisier on carpet. I rode down and up the ramp in front of my building with no problems and then took it home in a friend's truck, where we practiced folding and unfolding it. Yesterday I attached my dog's leash to my waist and took her uphill to the local church parking lot. We then practiced turns so she learns not to get in front of the scoot when I turn toward her. When we went back home I decided to save wear and tear on the brakes and I kept my feet on the ground and sort of walked downhill.

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