Monday, April 20, 2009

Attaching the front basket

Cynth sent me a picture of how she's modified how her basket is attached. She replaced the tie down with a longer camera strap and a plastic latch. She said the tie down would make the basket get caught on the metal part she circled in the picture.

I've tried attaching my basket, but also am having problems with it hitting on the metal "v" part in the picture.

I've seen a picture of Lynn Ellen's TravelScoot with the basket attached (and loaded), so I know it works. Bee and Sarge also use theirs.

I think I need to have a moment of clarity and try attaching mine again.


  1. we don't have baskets on ours. we have cup holders that we got at walmart. i'll take a photo soon for you. that is where the cup holders are.

    smiles, bee

  2. I look forward to seeing how you're attaching cupholders. My friend Rhonda likes to keep water with her, and she needs a cupholder. Maybe we can give her some ideas?