Monday, April 27, 2009

It's in the bag

One of the things I bought at Walmart on Saturday was a laptop bag to carry my battery in. I have the lithium ion battery, and I can't leave it in the trunk of my car with my TravelScoot because if it gets too hot it's a fire hazard. This bag gives me a cute and efficient way to carry my 4 1/2 lb. battery with me and keep it protected. And it only cost $20.


  1. Very cute bag Elizabeth.

    I have a soft lined tote that I keep my battery wrapped up in.

    Then I put that tote inside a "big tote" that I carry to work each day. I figure if I accidentally drop or bang my big tote against something the battery would be better protected.

  2. laptop bag!!! great idea! i have looked and looked but never thought of that! see what great minds can do!

    smiles, bee

  3. Cynth, glad you like my bag. It has a long strap so I can carry it over my shoulder OR use the handles. It's padded like yours too. Do you use your scoot at work? If you don't, is it something that would make your life easier if you did?

    Bee, it's great to trade ideas! I have a feeling the next time you're in Walmart you're going to be in the school supplies section looking at laptop bags. We can be twins if you find one like mine. :-)

  4. Elizabeth, I haven't used my scoot at work yet but I will when I have to go across campus to meetings or training in the main building.

    The building I work in only has one door(the main door from outside) that opens for you if you press the button. And all of our inside doors have security locks on them so you have to use a badge and then open the door yourself. My cube isn't that far from my parking space so it's not a big deal to make it to my cube on foot.

    The main building however has handicap door entry in the front and back of the building and on the security door inside that I would have to go through. The main building also has an elevator.

  5. Today I used my scoot at work. It was awesome as I was running late. Since I was in a hurry it took me longer to put it together of course, but I finally got it done and zipped over to another building on campus for training.

    This was my first time to have to get off and pull it through a door, and it wasn't too bad.

    Yesterday I took the day off so I could get my shopping done early and get my house ready for weekend company. I went to Walmart again and went early in the morning and that ruled. There were half the amount of people there than the last time I went.

    There was a very lovely woman using a store cart who exchanged greetings with me a few times as we crossed paths in the store. The first time she saw me she eyed the scoot up and down and nodded with approval.

    I also purchased a pink sparkly dog collar to help hold my basket in place. I will send a photo of that soon.

  6. Cynthia, how did your coworkers accept you using a scooter? If I worked on a campus I'd be using mine every time I left the building, and probably to drive from the parking lot too.

    How's the pink sparkly collar working? I went out to supper with my Women of Size class friends and several of us spent the time talking about the TravelScoot. You all would have enjoyed it!