Friday, March 6, 2009

When it seems like miles from the parking lot...

3 1/2 years ago my husband had two heart surgeries and was in intensive care for a month. He has fully recuperated, but the experience gave me one more reason to want some sort of scooter so in an emergency situation how far I'd need to walk wouldn't be a concern. Well, who knew the situation would arise so soon after my TravelScoot? A dear friend of ours is having her aeortic valve replaced, and last night she told me how important it was to her for me to come visit her in the hospital. The hospital she's at is huge, having been added on to many, many times, and it's a hike to get anywhere from the parking area. Now I don't have to stress over going there. My scoot made it easy for me to tell her I'd be there.

In the last week I've also used it at Albertson's to buy picnic supplies to take to my mom's nursing home, and at Fresh Market, just to pick up some groceries. I had a moment in Fresh Market where I wasn't thrilled about needing a scooter, but then I remembered how wonderful independence is! I love my TravelScoot.

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