Friday, May 28, 2010

Krystal: Scooting Through a Conga Line

I took the plunge - I went on a cruise last week.

I learned some things about myself. I'm not really a cruiser person - seasick. I'm not a lobster person - must be an acquired taste, I didn't think it was all that big deal.

I think Vroom-Vroom enjoyed it more than I did. She got to ride on the lifts for the handicap vans. (I drove there and they had shuttles from the parking to the ship.)

She zipped right up the main gangplank without any trouble. I did have to give her a little help up the short one leaving the ship as it was at a 45 degree angle.

She got to be in her first conga line.

She went dancing and into the casino - but I wouldn't let her gamble as she's not old enough yet.

She roamed around a foreign country, but we both agree that unless you really like jewelry, Nassau town has too bumpy sidewalks to make it worthwhile.

But the most fun was going out late a night after everyone was asleep and doing doughnuts out in the ocean breeze on all three of the sunning decks. Glorious!

As for getting her into the stateroom, I got one of the regular rooms, but as Vroom is a junior size, she rolled right in without any problems.

A word of warning for anyone going on the Carnival Fantasy: watch out for the speed bumps. There's places were they can shut off sections of the hallways, and at each one is a metal strip to secure the bottom of the door. Most aren't that bad but I hit one (literally) that needed some extra gunning of the throttle to get over it. Also some of the bottom edges of the doors going out to the decks have a lip to help keep water out. Take a running start.

The crew is quite trainable. They soon learned to move their toes out of my way and to not even try to separate me from Vroom. Yes, I rode her all the way to the table, I saw way to much envy and didn't want to chance losing her.

One more adventure I couldn't have done without the TS - those ships are huge!



  1. "But the most fun was going out late a night after everyone was asleep and doing doughnuts out in the ocean breeze on all three of the sunning decks. Glorious!"

    That does sound wonderful. Perhaps one day I will get the chance to feel the ocean breeze in my hair.

  2. Nighttime doughnuts on the sun decks -- sounds like fun! Will have to try that on our next cruise, which will be on the world's largest (to date) cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas. Absolutely not an option without my Trusty Steed!

    Krystal, have you by any chance pictures of VroomVroom dancing or in the Conga line? Hubs and I have fantasized about creating a slow dance with me riding the TS... not so easy with no reverse gear... still, maybe, we'll come up with a TS cha-cha or waltz?

    By the way, Krystal, if you enjoyed your cruise except for the seasickness, there are many things that can be done to prevent mal-de-mer, including choosing sea vs. ocean itineraries, lower & more mid-ships cabins, taking meds in advance, and/or wearing acupressure bands.

    And, if cruising's never going to be your cup of tea, I'm sure you'll find other terrific vacation options that VroomVroom will make possible for you.


  3. Hello Anne,

    Sorry - no pictures.

    TS Dancing: I'm still trying to figure out how to go sideways. I really wanted to joint in the Electric Glide. Also, when backing up or baby crawling (my term for unpowered moving), if you don't hold on to the handlebars, the front wheel turns however it wants so you never know which way you'll going to go. You can google wheelchair dancing to get ideas of partner dancing.

    I did try the acupressure bands and they worked fairly well. I'm starting to think that most of my problem was mostly lack of sleep.

    And don't worry, I'm already thinking up other places to go. I have the mobility - nothing can stop me now!