Friday, May 14, 2010

A World's Test of a TravelScoot

Elizabeth and all, we'll shortly know how a TravelScoot holds up worldwide as I have ordered one to supplement my Celebrity X Scooter. In 2010 I've been around the world twice on business and my traditional scooter has racked up Paris/London/Hong Kong/Taipei/Seoul/Tokyo/Vancouver with also many US cities. I decided it would make it easier as I can use traditional cabs instead of having to find the special ones that can hold my 200 lb Celebrity X.

The picture was taken recently of me in front of a temple in Taiwan.



  1. Have to admit I am actually in front of the train..ha ha..different picture but it is in Taiwan. That is one of the world's fastest trains that takes you from the top of Taiwan to the bottom. Very handicap friendly.

  2. I thought it was an odd kind of temple. :-)

  3. Dean, look forward to hearing about your travels on your TravelScoot! :)