Monday, March 21, 2011

Cynthia's Recommendation for a Nice TravelScoot Tool Pouch

From Cynthia (an avid TravelScoot fan who does not work for WheelChairGear OR the company that makes these products):

For those of us who have older TravelScoots and need a place to carry the tools this little Day Cruiser Mini Pack does the job nicely!

You can get them from . The Day Cruiser Mini Pack is $19.95 USD, and the No-Slip Grip-Clip is $9.95 USD.

Here are various pictures of it so you get an idea of how you might use one to carry your TS tools or emergency what not.

I also love the No-Slip Grip-Clips from WheelChairGear too. I am using one of them in all of the photos below to clip the Mini Pack too.

View of No-Slip Grip-Clip and Mini Pack ring

Vertical under seat hanging with No-Slip Grip-Clip

Horizontal under the seat with No-Slip Grip-Clip and the Mini Packs Velcro straps

Back side of the Mini Pack

Under the seat with seat attached


  1. Thanks Cynthia, I've been looking for something to carry the tool kit and an extra belt, along with a couple of other things. This looks like what I need.

  2. Rhonda, I didn't try putting an extra belt in there, let me try that and see how well it fits in there. The tool kit fits perfect.

  3. I put the belt in with the tool kit and the belt changing instructions and it fits great. You do have to fold the belt in half to get it in there.
    Here are pictures: