Sunday, March 20, 2011

TravelScoots Meet at Sea

Denise and Marlee, onboard the Grand Princess

Hi Elizabeth, I met Marlee through your great blog about a year ago and we discovered about a month ago that we were booked on the same Princess cruise. Here are a few pics of us and our scoots meeting up onboard the Grand Princess. Both Marlee and I were great "sales" representatives for Travelscoot and I handed out many of their business cards and gave more then a few demos. Being that it was a 14 day cruise lots of mature cruisers on board LOL.



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  1. Haven't been on a Grand-class Princess ship since I got my 'scoot. Did either of you have any problem getting yours around the ship, or through doorways, hallways, or in/out of your cabins?

    We recently sailed on the new Celebrity Eclipse, which is by far the most scooter- and handicapped-friendly ship we've ever been on. They had an accessible pool complete with a lift and deck stewards who knew how to use it. Our HC cabin even had an automatic door -swipe your key card and it opens and you roll right thru the wide doorway.