Thursday, March 10, 2011

TravelScooting in Ireland

Robyn has a question about using a TravelScoot in Ireland.  She writes...

"Has anyone traveled to Ireland on a coach tour and taken their Travelscoot? I am not getting very friendly reception from the tour groups when I ask about using a Travelscoot. Have any readers used one traveling in Ireland?"


  1. I am a Brit and I use a travelscoot - they are a rarity in the UK and presumably Ireland as well. So your tour guides will not know of them. If you take just one suitcase and bring your travelscoot case you will probably be fine as it will fit in the coaches. The UK and Ireland are used to mobility scooters.

    Just tell them that it packs up smaller than a golf bag and you should be fine.

    They are probably thinking you have a very large scooter that may not fit in the coach baggage area.

  2. I took a cosmos tour to Ireland in 2009 they simply loaded the luggage under the bus and saved a spot in the back for the travel scoot. i did not even have to take it down they just slipped it in and pulled it out for me when we stopped. the driver george was great!