Sunday, March 4, 2012

Compliments on Tony Korn, TravelScoot

I've had two compliments recently about Tony Korn, our U.S. TravelScoot provider.

The first came from one of our regular posters, Dean Hughson:

Tony is a standup guy. I have a 'short' in one of my lithiums and he is replacing it.  I don't know if other people have had much contact with him but he is a good provider of services and I appreciate his spirit.  It is a privilege to do business with someone of this caliber.  

The second came in a much more unusual way.  I was coming out of Target last Saturday and a man chased me out of the store, yelling "ma'am, ma'am!"  I knew immediately it was about the TravelScoot because this is FAR from the first time it's happened, but instead of wanting information about my scooter, he wanted to thank me.  Many months ago I was in a medical complex and a couple flagged me down for information about the TravelScoot.  They were the daughter and son-and-law of the man at Target.  My friend Rhonda ended up demonstrating the TravelScoot for the wife of the man at Target.  When Rhonda and I do this, we usually don't know what happens afterwards, so it was nice to find out that they'd bought the TravelScoot and had really been enjoying it.  One thing the man told me was that they'd had something go out on the scoot and he had called Tony and Tony had immediately sent him the parts he needed.  He seemed quite pleased with the quality of service he received.  That's been my experience too.  Thank you, Tony!

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  1. i agree, when i found out hardy was gone i was crushed but soon grew very fond of tony also.

    smiles, bee