Sunday, March 4, 2012

Toyota Highlander and the TravelScoot

From Denise:

Funny you should bring this subject up as I 've been thinking about changing vehicles.  Right now I drive a Toyota Highlander, which I do love but with gas prices hitting $4 a gallon I've been thinking about getting the new Prius V5 that has a larger cargo area then the Prius that my husband drives.  I haven't made it to the dealer yet to see if the TS will actually "fit" but from all the pictures I've seen of this new model, it looks like it might.  We can get the TS in a standard Prius with the back seats down and a bit of a tipping to get it past a low spot in the headliner.  I cannot do this myself without hubby's help.  Right now this is just a possibility, not sure I am actually going to make the switch.

Like I said, I carry my TS in a Highlander and as you see, we have PLENTY of room.  Also note another item I've been meaning to share with you and your readers is that I further customized my seat.  I added decorative furniture nails to the banding around the seat.  If you remember I  had mine customized at a auto upholstery shop and though they did a very nice LOOKING job, the banding was starting to pop off just like it did with the original black.  It seemed the staples were not long enough and popping.  So, I got the idea about the decorative nails and so far they are working great and gives it an "Easy Rider" look LOL.  Next I want to get some purple upholstery spray color the canvas pouch.

OK back to transportation.  While traveling I have also set the TS in the truck of a Ford Crown Victoria trunk with only dropping the tiller to the lowest position and the lid of the trunk closed with no problem.

So, that has been my experience with my Travelscoot and transportation.

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