Sunday, March 4, 2012

Honda Crosstour and the TravelScoot

From Richard Jay

Hello Elizabeth, I always enjoy receiving your e-mails.  I recently moved from the Philippines to Las Vegas, Nevada.  The first thing I wanted to do after buying a home was to purchase a car.  I didn't want an SUV or any utility style vehicle.  Fortunately, there was an auto show in Las Vegas just the time I was getting ready to make a purchase.  I wanted a sedan, and  did not want to fold the travel scoot or take off the front wheel.  After seeing every sedan at the auto show, only 2 sedans satisfied this prerequisite.  One was a Honda Crosstour, the other was a Toyota Prius.  I opted for the bigger, more luxurious Honda.  The car was made with a travel scoot in mind.  It almost seemed like Mr. Huber and Honda synchronized for this perfect fit.

When pulling up to the Vegas hotels and casinos, valets are always very impressed how simple, light and easy it is to remove the scooter in its upright unfolded position.  Only requirement after it has been removed from the trunk is to put on the seat.

I hope that this information is helpful to my other travelscoot buddies.  I haven't purchased the hard golf bag recommended recently. It is on my things to do list and I eventually I will get one.  Thanks for that tip!

Regards to all travelscoot buddies,

Richard Jay.
Las Vegas, Nevada

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