Thursday, May 1, 2014


Photo by Carol Squires
This is from Lynn Ellen, who is describing a recent adventure she had with her friend Pat:

Pat and I each did our physical therapy workout at the Albany Pool and then got on our scooters and proceeded to go a mile up Solano and then return on the other side of the street, stopping for lunch, yarn, a haircut (Pat), coffee~and at Peet's, a quick food shop, a visit to a store with amazing Native American goods, another stop at the yarn store, and then back to the car. It took four hours round trip, the sun was warm, the air cool, the sky intense blue and the cotton puff clouds exquisite. It has been a number of years since I've walked two miles like that and while I wasn't walking, I was getting fresh air, using and building core strength on my TravelScoot, visiting with shop keepers and it was utterly fulfilling. THIS is what I've wanted from retirement.

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