Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Doors, doors, doors...

I got an email from Peggy last night, detailing her latest TravelScoot outings. The kids at her school loved Silver and Jimmy. (Silver is her scoot, and Jimmy is her parakeet horn.) She reports that her scoot fits in her Kia Soul without having to be completely broken down, and without reclining the back seat. Oh, let's hear it directly from her...

"This weekend I hit the outlet mall. I was able to park very close to Lane Bryant but when I wanted to shop the other end of the mall, I wasn't so lucky. Silver and I went to town. When I wanted to go into a store, I still got off. Most of the time someone came to either hold the door or get the scooter inside for me. The stores were small enough that I walked around them.

THEN I went to Cabala's; the acid test. The doors were open because there were so many people shopping (tax free weekend for guns and ammo). I'd been wanting to go there because everyone said it was more than just a sporting goods store. It was so great to be able to go see everything. The taxidermied animal exhibits were fantastic. I can understand why my grear nephews love the place. I did pretty well. I was able to make some fast stops when people cut right in front of me. It was like pushing a basket, be careful at turns."

Seeing Peggy talk about getting through doors gave me the idea for this post. How do you handle doors when you're on your scoot? If it's not an automatic door, do you get off and walk through the door? The place I most often have to deal with doors is at work. I'm able to open the doors while I'm sitting on my scoot and just drive through. The door into the bathroom feels like it weighs about a thousand pounds and is 100 ft. tall, so it's the biggest obstacle I have, but I'm strong and my arms are long enough that I'm able to push it open. I'm also able to open the doors into the building from my scoot and just motor through them. If someone is nearby they're always eager to assist, but it's nice to know I can do it by myself too.

What kind of successes/failures have you had with doors? When we went to the federal courthouse building last week I was surprised to see that there was a separate door for a handicap entrance, one they had to open from inside. The "regular" door had a step up to it. At the mall I go to the entrance with the automated doors. I haven't found a door yet that I don't fit through while I'm on my scoot.

Any cruisers out there? (Oh Bee...... stop petting Flat Jeter and talk to us!) Were you able to drive through the door of your cabin?


  1. ah, cruiseships! you ARE able to drive through a handicapped cabin but not a regular one. however, there is a way. you knew i'd have one, didn't you! ha ha ha anyway if you get off the scooter you can tip it sideways a bit and it will go through a regular cabin door. also be careful when you book a handicapped cabin, there are several kinds. you want a true hc cabin, not a retrofit. the retrofits are regular sized cabins that have changes inside, meaning they are really small with the changes, really really small. the regular hc cabins are larger. be sure to get one of those or you will be sorry, i promise. now i am talking about carnival cruises or costa, that's where i go. don't know about the others first hand. and as you know sarge and i both have scooters (mine is named scoot) and we are able to get them both in the hc cabins. the ones in the very front of the ship with the windows are nice, oh, and be sure you get a sofa in your cabin. some hc cabins don't have them and there is only a (small) chair and the beds to sit on otherwise. not comfortable at all and the sofas are really nice, leather and comfy.

    smiles, bee

  2. I usually stay on the scoot and open the door, but there have been a couple of doors where I had to get off the scoot and pull it through.

    I tend to avoid places that don't have automatic doors.