Saturday, September 19, 2009

TrolleyBasket update - Guest post by Cynth

I received my 11.1 gallon size TrolleyBasket last week and took it out shopping on Friday. I also received an 8.5 gallon TrolleyBasket with only 2 swiveling wheels to test drive for Peter at TrolleyBasketUSA. I know some of you are still thinking about getting a TrolleyBasket so I hope this posts helps you in making your decision.

First of all lets talk about the 8.5 gallon size with 4 swiveling wheels. I have had this TrolleyBasket for a while now and it has served me well. I live alone with a dachshund so the amount of groceries I have to buy isn't overwhelming. Keep in mind that I also use 2 canvas totes along with the TrolleyBasket. I put heavy items in the TrolleyBasket and lighter weight items in my totes. I have not had any issues with the 8.5 size, it pulls very easy empty and full and it fits in the trunk of my car even when loaded over the rim of the basket.

My test drive of the 8.5 gallon size TrolleyBasket with only 2 swivel wheels went well. It was just as easy to pull empty and full. There was only one real difference that I felt while pulling it and that is that it isn't as easy to get it to fall inline behind me when it is full; when I am shopping and I come to a crowded space I put my arm that is pulling the TrolleyBasket behind me so the basket will fall in line and I can fit through crowded spaces. The 4 swivel wheeled basket easily glides over behind me with very little pressure from my hand to the handle of the cart. The 2 swivel wheeled one took about twice as much force to get it back there, not really a big deal but something to keep mind if you have arthritic hands and arms like I do.

Here is the short video we made using the 2 swivel wheeled 8.5 gallon TrolleyBasket. At the end of the video is a shot of the 11.1 TrolleyBasket full and in my trunk. The trunk lid closes with the 11.1 size inside.

One note on both versions (2 and 4 swivel wheeled) of the 8.5 gallon size basket, when it is empty it is very easy to have it tip forward when the long handle is extended and you are not holding the handle. Once there is an item in the basket it isn't as tippy. The 11.1 gallon size is a heavier basket so it is better balanced and this doesn't happen with it. The 11.1 size also has larger wheels and that helps with it not tipping forward when pulled over cracks and door thresholds. If you noticed in the video when I leave the store the 8.5 TrolleyBasket catches in a very large crack at the doorway and tries to tip forward, it was very easy to keep it from tipping all the way but if you had a loose grip on the handle it could have dumped. This is the first time I have been at that store and I was unaware of the large crack at the door. The 11.1 did not have that problem when I left the store with it.

The 11.1 gallon basket was great and I highly recommend this size. I was worried it would be too large to fit in my trunk when it was full, that is not the case.

The 11.1 is easy to pull even when full and I had easily 60 pounds of stuff in it on its first shopping trip out. I still took my 2 canvas totes but did not have to put near as much in them. I used one tote for bread and buns and the other for produce.

My TravelScoot battery did notice the difference however. My battery had been sitting all week without using it and without charging it. When I left the checkout pulling the 11.1 gallon full of groceries with 2 totes hanging on the scoot I was going at a fast clip to the other end of the store toward the doors and the Scoot yellow battery light flashed and I let off the throttle and coasted. When I gave it throttle again it flashed yellow at me so I gave it half throttle and it was back to green light and it stayed green all the way to my car. I think it was the extra weight I was pulling and the fact that before I did my "big shopping" I had made a fast test trip around the store with the 8.5 two swivel wheeler so my friend could take a few quick video shots then I went back in with the 11.1 gallon size to do my real shopping. I was in the store for 2 hours. I had not been in this Walmart before and for some reason this one is not arranged like the others I have been in so I was having a hard time find things which increased my time inside and I did a lot of fast scooting all over the store.

Here is the 8.5 (on left) vs the 11.1 ( on right) holding the same items so you can see the difference in available space. 20 can box of pop, 1 gallon of bleach, 96 oz container of laundry detergent and a 75 wipe size of Redi Wipes.


  1. interesting... and if you want to imbed the video instead of a link it's really easy. where it says direct link, don't copy that, underneath it says html code, copy that and put it in your post, it'll show the video in the post.

    have a great day!

    smiles, bee

  2. Cynthia - you are so great with your descriptions and videos. Anyone who is undecided about which TrolleyBasket to get will certainly be helped by your post. I also have the larger basket with the 4 swivel wheels and am totally happy with it. Too often when I go shopping intending to get just a couple items - I end up with way more, so I felt that the larger basket was a better option for me.

  3. Again, thank you, and your "film crew."

    Couldn't ask for more, short of trying it out myself, which will hopefully happen soon.

  4. Thanks everyone I hope the information helps.

    Bee, I have embeded the video. I had to add an end embeded tag for blogger as it was returning an error about the tag not being closed. Thanks :)

    dakota, I too have gone into the store for just a few things and wished I had taken in a basket. I will be taking the large TrolleyBasket in every time now "just in case".

    Bracha, I Hope your TrolleyBasket arrives soon. Let us know about your shopping trips go. I am still working on a way to pull a TrolleyBasket behind the TravelScoot without the TrolleyBasket tipping. If you find a way when you get yours please let us know.

  5. "I Hope your TrolleyBasket arrives soon."

    Oh, Cynthia, at this point I would settle for price & shipping cost information arriving.
    I hate to be a pest because I know they have a huge proposal they are working on, but I tried shopping yesterday with a regular cart at my side, and although do-able, it was definitely a pain...particularly a few hours later.
    I am reminding myself that good things are worth waiting for.

  6. Bracha, Using the regular shopping cart can be painful especially the first few times you use it. It does tend to make muscles sore we didn't know we had!

    I emailed Peter to see if he is having problems emailing you again. I hope you hear from him soon.

  7. Does my grin radiate across cyberspace?

    I received my baskets yesterday evening, and can't wait to put them to use, and to experiment with them.

    I'm going to have Jim stay with Scoot while I try the Trolley Basket with a regular store scooter. I know their baskets are bigger than ours, but for a decent shopping, Peter's product would be a real help.

    TrolleyBaskets, a nice beverage holder, now all I need is to make a "raincoat" for Scoot, and to find a loud horn. Lovely!

    Thank you, Cynthia and Peter.

  8. B'racha, Yes your grin does radiate across cyberspace, I can feel it :)

    I am happy your TrolleyBaskets arrived! I'd be interested in hearing how shopping with a regular store scooter and your new TrolleyBasket goes.

    What kind of raincoat are you thinking of making?

    I haven't thought of a good way to keep the electric motor dry yet not let anything get caught in the belt. I am always afraid my shirt tail will get caught in the belt after seeing how low some of my shirts hang when I am riding the scoot.

  9. I'm still working on some ideas, but securing (Velcro)under the belt/frame is definitely part of the equation.

    We just spent a large part of last week with off and on rain, and I really don't want to get stuck waiting at a store.
    I'll come up with something and will post when I do.

  10. Cynth, I just LOVE your videos! Thank you for posting. I look forward to seeing more. :-)