Sunday, September 6, 2009

B'racha's Basket Brainstorm

started as comments on another post...

B'racha said...

1st thanks for this Blog, the info & caring shown is a blessing, and more than anything else I read, helped me define my needs and settle on the SCOOT.

2nd, I don't know where else to address this so I hope it is ok to ask a question here. I have MS, and expect to recieve my freedom in the form of a TravelScoot about Wednesday.

I am curious if you think the TROLLEY BASKET, with that odd extra handle at the end of the long one, could be attached over the backrest supports as luggage sometimes is?


Then Cynth said...

B'racha, I did some experimenting with the 8.5 gallon TrolleyBasket and the TravelScoot. I have sent the pictures to Elizabeth to post so you can see how it fits.

To answer your question; yes, you can loop the TrolleyBasket handle on the backrest stem of the TravelScoot by removing the little black top of the backrest and sliding the TrolleyBasket handle over the top then replace the backrest top onto the stem.

But the TrolleyBasket was unstable to pull and tipped forward dumping it. The TrolleyBasket doesn't dump like that when I am pulling it by hand.

Maybe I can think of a way to make the handle of the TrolleyBasket more stable on the backrest stem of the TravelScoot. I think if the handle couldn't slide up and down the backrest stem, it would keep the TrolleyBasket from tipping.

I will try the larger TrolleyBasket too when it comes, its handle will probably be higher as it is larger. I will keep you posted.

B'racha replied...

Thanks, Cynth, it is the larger one that I am particularily interested in as it will free me from depending on help with a grocery cart to my car.

I am so excited, the Scoot is my "get out of Jail free" card, the Trolley basket will be a major plus either way, now all I will need is....

a Bike Horn that sounds like a Harley, or at least goes vrrroooom vrrrrooooomm. ;-)

Eizabeth tacked on...

Welcome B'racha! We've got a nice TravelScoot community going here, and it makes me happy to know that you think of us as caring and as a blessing. I can't wait to hear about your adventures with your scoot. You might also want to add me as a Facebook friend (, because we usually have a TravelScoot conversation going on over there too.

I can't wait to see the horn you put on your scoot!


  1. Hi Cynthia! Thanks for showing these pictures - very helpful to us! I think the 11.1 will be better for attaching because the wheels will be larger and should not get stuck as easily, but I can't even guess if it will work or not. It would probably also be better to have the handle a little more upright - have you tried to attach the basket to the scoot using the some kind of contraption fixed to the large handle frame rather than the small hand-grip? Then I think the basket would travel closer to the scoot with the handle more upright. Looking forward to hear your thoughts on the large basket and non-modified version once they arrive! Thank you as always! Peter, TrolleyBasket USA

  2. Oh hey Peter I didn't see your post until now (9/15). I received my 11.1 size basket, and the one with just 2 swivel wheels today.

    The 11.1 gallon size looks awesome. It feels more balanced too since it is heavier and wider. Not as front tippy as the 8.5 gallon size.

    I am going to try and figure out a way to attach both sizes of TrolleyBaskets to the backrest of the scoot, there has to be a way.

    I plan on making another video of the larger basket and the one with 2 swivel wheels so you (and everyone else) can see how they handle.