Monday, August 31, 2009

Have you tried this shopping cart?

From Fran R:

I had a cart that my mother used to use when she did her grocery shopping - so I took it to Walmart today. I don't have a camera so can't post any picture - but wondered if anyone else has tried this cart. I thought it worked really well - they have them at Stacks and Stacks ( Lots of other sites too of course. I like that the cart folds up and was easily pulled behind me - and it holds quite a bit of stuff. I didn't seem to be getting into anyone's way with it.

I'm not sure exactly which one it is, but you can view their shopping carts by clicking here.

Cynth, if you have updated information about your TrolleyBasket, this would be a great time to post it. How's the new one working out for you?

How do you all grocery shop when you're using your TravelScoot?


  1. I haven't received the larger 11.1 Gallons (42 liters) TrolleyBasket yet. But I do use the 8.5 gallon TrolleyBasket to do all my shopping with along with a couple of canvas totes.

    Peter at said they were preparing to list the 11.1 gallon basket on their website for purchase soon.

    If you order a TrolleyBasket email peter first and he will let you select a color and you can ask him to put all swiveling wheels on your TrolleyBasket. You can email Peter at Read More

    I much rather use the TrolleyBasket and totes than trying to pull a big shopping cart around the store.

  2. Please excuse the "read more" in the previous post.. I copied my post from the facebook page and pasted it here :)

  3. 1st thanks for this Blog, the info & caring shown is a blessing, and more than anything else I read, helped me define my needs and settle on the SCOOT.

    2nd, I don't know where else to address this so I hope it is ok to ask a question here.
    I have MS, and expect to recieve my freedom in the form of a Travel Scoot about Wednesday.

    I am curious if you think the TROLLEY BASKET, with that odd extra handle at the end of the long one, could be attached over the backrest supports as luggage sometimes is?


  4. Bracha, I did some experimenting with the 8.5 gallon TrolleyBasket and the TravelScoot. I have sent the pictures to Elizabeth to post so you can see how it fits.

    To answer your question; yes, you can loop the TrolleyBasket handle on the backrest stem of the TravelScoot by removing the little black top of the backrest and sliding the TrolleyBasket handle over the top then replace the backrest top onto the stem.

    But the TrolleyBasket was unstable to pull and tipped forward dumping it. The TrolleyBasket doesn't dump like that when I am pulling it by hand.

    Maybe I can think of a way to make the handle of the TrolleyBasket more stable on the backrest stem of the TravelScoot. I think if the handle couldn't slide up and down the backrest stem, it would keep the TrolleyBasket from tipping.

    I will try the larger TrolleyBasket too when it comes, its handle will probably be higher as it is larger. I will keep you posted.

  5. Thanks, Cynth, it is the larger one that I am particularily interested in as it will free me from depending on help with a grocery cart to my car.

    I am so excited, the Scoot is my "get out of Jail free" card, the Trolley basket will be a major plus either way, now all I will need is....

    a Bike Horn that sounds like a Harley, or at least goes vrrroooom vrrrrooooomm. ;-)