Thursday, August 6, 2009

Riding a TravelScoot through the airports

As you can see in the picture, I have two carry on bags on the handlebars of my TravelScoot. If I had that to do all over again I would have gotten a small rolling suitcase that I could have fit under my legs, and packed absolutely everything I could in my checked baggage. I would have even paid the $25 for a second bag in order to do that. At my size every pound can affect how the TravelScoot handles inclines. As far as I know Rhonda and Lynn Ellen did not have the same problems I had, so when you are reading this, keep in mind that with 26 pounds of battery, me, and two weighty carry ons, I had between 475-500 lbs on my scoot.

Which airport I was in when is just a blur, so I'm going to talk in generalities. When I was on a flat surface the scoot performed beautifully, as it did going down ramps. (Can we say wheeeeeeee!!!!!) When we moved into a train to go through an airport or changed from one surface to another (like where the plane connects to the ramp, or the ramp to the airport), most of the time it handled the bump well, but sometimes it would bump pretty hard.

I started the day out with a fully charged sla battery and a fully charged l-ion battery. By the time we made it through three airports and got to our hotel room, both needed recharging. I didn't begin using my scoot until we got to the New Orleans airport. We were very early for our flight so I did ride around the airport more than was required to get to the plane. In Dallas I rode it again, then made a long trek with it at the Dulles Airport to get to the place where we caught the shuttle bus. A good bit of this time I was also pulling my big suitcase on wheels.
The good news is that it was easy to put the scoot on the shuttle from the airport to the hotel. They didn't even have to fold it to store it.

If you can think of specific questions I haven't answered, please feel free to ask.

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