Thursday, August 6, 2009

Coming out to the world

From Lynn Ellen:

I am pondering if it can be said that every sort of coming out involves the tension between revealing one's truth to the world and to ourselves.

When we come out to the world, we risk the possible negative attitudes of those around us, some of which may be known, other attitudes may be buried deep. But when we come out to ourselves, we face the deeply-seated attitudes that we have internalized or introjected from the world around us, and again we might find that there are feelings buried so deep we only discover them as we walk through the flames of the act of coming out.

Fortunately, the fears are usually before and during the moments of taking that walk, because the relief of expressing our truths, of embodying our real selves is a welcome gift. But each new encounter can involve a new coming out, but hopefully we can move through that initial anxiety more swiftly and with less of a roller coaster of anxiety each time.

The picture is of Lynn Ellen and me at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. It's a wonderful museum and well worth the time it takes to visit. If you go be sure and watch the film. It's only 13 minutes long and very informative. It displays on a 4-sided screen and on the dome ceiling.

Look, matching TravelScoots!

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