Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Walking Peggy's and Lynn Ellen's dogs

This blog posts on my Facebook page, and there were several comments made there that you don't see here, so I thought I'd bring them over.

Lynn Ellen:

Welcome to our funny scooter family, Peggy. or, given the horse imagery, our herd.

I have a dog leash that I can fit around my waist and attach to my dog's collar so I can have her securely with me, but it is hands free. I did some training so that she doesn't get in front of the Scoot, especially when I am turning left.

Dogs actually prefer to lope, so the pace of riding the Scoot, which is a bit faster than walking, will keep the dog's attention better than walking.



Now if we could just train people not to get in front of the Scoot...LOL


Oh I have the CUTEST bicycle bell - guess I'll have to get that to Mrs. Fisher!! Oh Elizabeth!!!


Awesome. I hope Peggy gets to do all those things and more!

Peggy, if you (or anyone else reading this) would like to follow my blog via Facebook, just add me as a friend. You can search for me by using my email address -- . I don't add people I don't know, so send a message letting me know you're wanting to follow this blog.


  1. You go Peggy Girl! And I LOVE the name! I've had my scoot a couple week but have only been out on it once so far. Might have to correct that issue this weekend ;)

  2. You've only had ONE adventure? Oh man, what are you waiting for?! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to report back here Monday on what you did with your scoot this weekend. :-)