Friday, August 7, 2009

Cynth talks about using her TravelScoot at work

From Cynth:

Your post on riding the TravelScoot at work really struck home with me. I was afraid to ride mine at work too.

I am easily the fattest person where I work. I was worried that people would think "well she finally got too fat to walk". For a few moments I think that every time I have to ride the scoot at work. If I was able, I would still walk to the main building on campus. But I am not able to walk that far and haven't been able to for several years. I have broke out the scoot 3 or 4 times at work now and it gets a little better each time. The last time I had to go over to hear a presentation on some software we have started using... after the presentation I rode the scoot all over the IT section of our main building. They had remodeled it and all the people I used to be housed with are over there. I rode around and everyone saw me and it felt like I had finally told my big secret to everyone. I felt a little better after that.

Cynth, I really identify with your feelings. I have a knot in my stomach just from reading your post. Today was my third day to ride it at work. It's getting easier, and I sure love how quickly I can make the trip to the bathroom, which is all the way across the building. I was also able to make a run to the coke machine to get a drink for a coworker who couldn't leave her desk.

The picture is of Cynth's TrolleyBasket full and in her trunk. To read more about the TrolleyBasket and how well it worked with the TravelScoot, have a look at these posts:


  1. well i am retired so my situation is somewhat different, but not different at all. i ride mine to my club to play cards and have lunch with the ladies. i used to stay home because i couldn't walk that far. i am the only overweight person in my club. re-read that. the. only. overweight. person. they have accepted me and my scooter and we have a blast! do not worry about anyone else. if they can't accept you and your scooter, they aren't worth your time. i mean this with all my heart...

    smiles, bee

  2. Bee, I just love you. Thank you for being part of this blog and sharing your experiences with us. I know the first time you rode yours to the club was every bit as hard as the first time I rode mine to work.

  3. Bee thanks for that :)

    I think it would actually be harder for you to "come out" in the club with people who are your friends. The opinions of people you care about are much more important.