Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dianne's questions

Dianne, a Facebook friend, has been asking me about the TravelScoot. Others reading this blog probably have these same questions, so I thought I'd answer them here.

This happy picture is of Lynn Ellen and me in Washington, D.C. It truly would not have been possible for either of us without our TravelScoots. We had just left the Air and Space Museum and were on our way to the Natural History Museum.

Now for those questions...

Q. Got any info on the TravelScoot? Like weight limits etc.?
A. The published weight limit on the TravelScoot website is 320 lbs., but people up to 450 lbs. are using them. I've had mine for 6 months and Hardy Huber, the TravelScoot inventor, recently examined mine and saw no structural signs of wear. That is great news for larger riders.

Q. I WANT ONE...but I'm worried about the foot pegs. How far apart are they?
A. I'll have to measure it tomorrow and let you know. I was concerned about the distance too when I first saw the TravelScoot but it hasn't been a problem for me. Whenever I'm not moving on my TravelScoot I put my feet down on the ground, which I like better than the traditional scooters where your feet can't touch the ground.

Q. Anywhere I can "try one on?"
A. If you're anywhere near Baton Rouge, LA, you can try mine. They're not sold in stores that I'm aware of. You can go to and contact Hardy Huber to find out if there's anywhere else you can try one out.

Q. What is the distance from the seat back to the handle bars.
A. I prefer using mine without the seat back so I don't know this measurement. What my experience has been with riders from 250 - 450 lbs is that if the seat back isn't on it, the rider sits further front or back, and everyone ends up being about the same distance from the handlebars.

Dianne also wrote to tell me she called a local store to see if they had the TravelScoot and they told her yes. When she got there they told her they'd never heard of that one.

Dianne, if you'll email me ( I'll talk with you privately about how it might fit you.

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