Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dianne's questions part III - Insurance Paying for TravelScoot

Dianne posted these questions as a comment to one of the blog entries:

Q. OK, should one decide to purchase a Travelscoot, how does one get it through the insurance companies? Is Mr. Hardy an "authorized medical dealer"? Is the internet site one?
A. I've talked to Hardy Huber about this and neither he nor his internet site is an authorized medical dealer. You can read more blog posts about this topic by clicking here. If you work with your insurance company to get them to pay for it I would love to blog about your progress with it. You can email me posts by sending them to elizabeth@ifisher.com.

Q. What is the most weight (person, not baggage) that this unit has carried?
A. The highest weight person I know of who uses a TravelScoot regularly weighs 450 lbs.

Q. If the foot pegs are too close together can an adaption be made?
A. I heard someone ask Hardy that at the NAAFA Convention and he recommended against it because changing the length of the foot pegs could change the pressure put on the upside down "U" piece that's mounted right over the front wheel and cause problems with the integrity of that piece. He used better terminology to describe what would happen, but hopefully you get the general idea.

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