Friday, August 21, 2009

More about seats

From Lynn Ellen:

I use the seat back about half of the time, but my Scoot is currently folded up in the trunk of my VW, so I can't measure it.

Although it has a second setting where you can bring the back pad closer to the seat, I find the standard setting just fine. when I am driving, I am leaning lightly on it, but when I stop and relax, it allows me to shift my position and change the angle of my sitting, which allows me to sit longer. however the last two times I took it out, including a several hour visit to a county fair, I forgot the seat back and I really didn't mind. and when I was hauling my luggage around the airport and had the area between the seat and handlebars full, I could mount the Scoot like a horse because the seat back was safely tucked into my checked-in luggage.

NEWS FLASH: Hardy Huber told me at the NAAFA Convention that the new larger seats are now in stock!

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  1. sarge and i took our seatbacks off and are not using them. that way they both fit in the back of the suv fully assembled and ready to go and we both found we didn't miss the back at all...

    smiles, bee