Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rootin' Tooton' Boot Scootin' Scooter

Today Alan, Rhonda and I met our new friend Peggy at the Starbucks inside Target. She and her brother and sister-in-law drove to Baton Rouge from New Orleans to try out a TravelScoot. She was researching scooters online last Thursday, found the TravelScoot and then this blog, and realized it was a perfect fit for what she needs -- help walking longer distances.

When Alan and I came through the door at Target, Peggy was right there on Rhonda's TravelScoot to meet us. She took to it immediately and before she left she understood how to fold and unfold, attach/remove the seat, and how to "Fred Flintstone" it!

Once she was back at home I got this email...

"I just heard from Hardy. I will call him tomorrow and pay ... and he said I should have my Rootin' Tooton' Boot Scootin' Scooter by FRIDAY."

I suspect that Peggy will be having quite an adventure in New Orleans this weekend.

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  1. don't you just LOVE a happy ending???

    smiles, bee