Friday, August 7, 2009

What's the weight limit on the TravelScoot?

I'm still behind on my email from being on vacation, and this is one I want to answer on the blog, because I'm sure if one person is asking the question, more of you are thinking about it. This question is from Sandie...

Q. I looked up the info on line about the TravelScoot, and they look interesting. My question is about the weight limit. It says that the weight limit is #320 - did you and the others get them customized - or are you riding that #320 TravelScoot?

A. On the website the weight capacity is shown as 320 lbs. Yes, this is the same scooter I have. Mine is not customized. I talked to Hardy Huber at the NAAFA Convention and he's considering this a test phase right now. I've had my scoot since February, which is longer than any other supersize person has had theirs. Somewhere on his website it says that he set that weight limit based on the distance between the seat back and the handlebars, not on the capacity of the aircraft-grade aluminum frame. I regularly carry between 450-500 lbs on my scoot. There are some limitations at a higher weight, which I've written about on this blog, but they primarily deal with ramps and battery life.

Q. I weigh about #370-380, so would it work for me?

A. Yes, it will hold your weight just fine.

Q. Also - are the seats comfy? They look fabulous!

A. As Hardy says on the website, they're about as comfortable as a good quality dining table chair. I find it very comfortable, but it's not a seat I'd want to sit on for hours. It's intended for going the distance, and then you'll probably want to get off and sit in a regular chair. I do sit on it comfortably when there is no armless seating available.

In the picture you'll see the Louisiana contingency meeting with Congressman Cassidy's assistant. There were 7 of us in the room, talking with her about size discrimination and health care. For this meeting I stayed on my scoot.

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  1. Hey Elizabeth,

    Thanks for the clarification on weight limit. I'm going to seriously have to look into getting one of these. They really look like a much less expensive option to the typical electric scooters.