Saturday, August 29, 2009

Peggy's Magazine Street Adventure

Peggy spent 4 hours on Magazine Street today trying out her new Travelscoot, Silver. She says it's the perfect place for a test run.

"The oak trees provided lots of bumpy sidewalk. There were wheelchair slopes at each corner. They weren't really steep but it did help to have a running start.

Magazine was more elevated in the middle so that the water could drain during a hard rain. Crossing it was like going up and down a very small hill. The best thing was that cars waited for you cross and some even stopped in order to cross.

Every shop had a 1-2" lip or a step or 2 in order to get in. I had no problems lifting Silver to get him in. Several people offered to help. I explained that they could on my next trip but I was getting used to it. Once I got into a store I parked it and walked. It was perfect. No store owner objected to my parking it. Because there was a lot of fragile items, I didn't want to ride it around the store.

One truck wanted to know if I wanted to race."

Tomorrow she's planning on walking the dogs. I'm wondering if they'll be walking HER instead!

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  1. i wanted to remind everyone that you do have to do some maintenance on the scooters. both sarges and mine have had to be tightened with those little tool thingys hardy gives you. especially at the place where the pole goes up and down, that clamp comes loose and will slip out of the slot if not tightened and then you can't steer it. just takes a moment, but do it okay?

    smiles, bee