Friday, August 7, 2009

A different experience with American Airlines

This post is from an email Rhonda sent me. She also went to the NAAFA Convention in Washington, D.C., but was on a different flight than I was on.

From Rhonda:

I just read your blog post. Your experience traveling with your TravelScoot sounds a lot like mine. Baton Rouge to D.C. on Continental went smooth, in fact, it sounds like a carbon copy of your trip only without Squeak (the scooter "specialist" at the Dallas airport).

D.C. to Baton Rouge on American Airlines started out okay in D.C. and ended okay in Baton Rouge. My problem was in Dallas, where the staff arbitrarily decided they would rather send my scoot directly to my next plane instead of giving it to me to ride to my connecting flight. (My TravelScoot actually never left the side of the plane during all of our conversations.) When I objected and asked them to give me my scoot to ride to my connecting flight, they would not change their mind. It became a battle of the wills when it really didn't need to be. Dallas was also the only place that the American Airlines staff decided to reassemble my scoot, instead of delivering it to me like I left it with them, using the travel bag and following Hardy's instructions.

I hate to think what would have happened to my scoot had I let them have their way. I came away feeling like the day was a disaster when, in fact, it was only the employees at one gate that were the problem.

I received a call today from AA and they have located my missing handlebar bag and are sending it to me.

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