Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rhonda's Confession

This picture is of Rhonda wandering down the halls of congress in Washington, DC on her TravelScoot. We were headed to talk to someone in our representative's office about size discrimination and health care.

When Rhonda isn't wandering the halls of congress, you never know what she might be doing. I received this email confession from her yesterday:

My name is Rhonda P. and I accost people on scooters in grocery stores to tell them about the TravelScoot.

I just met a lady in Winn Dixie who was riding a store scooter (didn't know our Winn Dixie had those) and stopped her to tell her about the TravelScoot. I'm not sure why I did it but somehow knew she would want to know. She told me that she is about to have back surgery but does not want a big scooter. She said her husband who died a couple of years ago used a mobility scooter and it was a big problem. They had to buy a van and she had to be the one to take it apart and put it together whenever they went anywhere. I was about to leave and she was just getting started so I gave her your card and my name and phone number and told her to call and I would meet her at Target. She said she would also check out the blog. I hope we hear from her. She would probably also enjoy our Women of Size water class.

Rhonda and I use Target as a testing ground for folks who want to try the TravelScoot. We can sit in Starbucks and visit while they're enjoying trying out the TravelScoot in a store with nice wide aisles and lots of fun stuff to shop for.


  1. That is so cool that you do that for folks! I know I so wanted to "Test Drive" the scoot but since I couldn't meet up with you all in Dulles I went out on a limb and just purchased it. I got to sit on it last night and the full size seems perfect. I haven't driven it yet as the battery is on charge.

  2. Awesome Nieciez! I hope you will let us know how your first test drive goes :)