Monday, February 22, 2010

CrampBuster hand pedal for the throttle

From Marlee:

I wanted to share a new gizmo I discovered for the TravelScoot. It is called the CrampBuster ( I have developed tendonitis in my right hand and twisting the throttle is really painful. The CrampBuster was developed for motorcycles, but works just perfectly on the Scoot. It is, for all intents and purposes, a hand pedal for the throttle which operates with palm pressure. The size I purchased is the CB4 with the large palm rest. You just slide it over the hand rest, and up over the chubby, throttle, and adjust. It works perfectly, does not slip and does not impede using the brake. I wish I'd had it all along.

Marlee, please take a picture of this installed on your scoot.  It sounds like a wonderful addition!


  1. I bought the CB3 (the palm piece is a little narrower), it works great!! Just after installing it and tryng the first "push" to throttle, I realised I was never going back to the regular throttle! I knew about this product through your blog, so thanks a lot for sharing the info!