Sunday, February 28, 2010

CrampBuster Reviews

From Rhonda:  The Crampbuster is really easy to install on my TravelScoot (and remove, if necessary). I used it today at Lowes and I'm not sure why but I was amazed at how little pressure it took to make the scooter go. It feels very natural. I definitely give it the "thumbs up" and would recommend it.

From Bee: Okay ours came and Sarge LOVES it, mine slips so I had to use the rubber thingy that came with it in case it slips but his didn't slip. I like it pretty good but seriously, he loves his!!! Thanks so much!

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  1. I got mine at the end of the week and used it a bunch on Saturday. what a sweet addition to my collection of accessories. it really does make running the Scoot easier, and easier to use left-handed if I happen to need my right hand to open a door or something.

    I got the wider black one, but I wonder if sometimes it might be nice to have the narrower one. they are so inexpensive that I might get a narrow one too.