Monday, March 1, 2010

Lynn Ellen's CrampBuster Review

From Lynn Ellen:

I got my CrampBuster at the end of the week and used it a bunch on Saturday. what a sweet addition to my collection of accessories. it really does make running the TravelScoot easier, and easier to use left-handed if I happen to need my right hand to open a door or something.

I got the wider black one, but I wonder if sometimes it might be nice to have the narrower one. They are so inexpensive that I might get a narrow one too.


  1. I received my CrampBuster yesterday and my scooter doesn't arrive until later this week! Good to see another photo of how it attaches. Thanks!

  2. I have now used my brand-new scooter with and without the cramp-buster. SO much better WITH it! After my first rather short expedition without it my hand and wrist were very sore.

  3. Laurie, so glad you hear you got your scooter!
    Can't wait to hear about your adventures :)

  4. Lynn Ellen or anyone else... Have you tried the narrow Cramp Buster?