Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sheila at the pier in Naples, FL

From Sheila:

Here I am on my TravelScoot at the pier in Naples, FL...post cruise! The bag does look a little large...no wonder I landed in the post hole in Aruba!

You can probably tell that it wasn't all that warm when we were in "sunny FL"....All I had for warmth was one sweater and a windbreaker I brought for our cruise!

All I can say is that...with my back and hip issues....the TravelScoot was a godsend on our cruise..pre and post cruise, too!


  1. I heard it was colder in Florida than in Boston Monday night! Hope the weather on your cruise was warmer. Did you fold the scooter in your stateroom at night or leave it set up?

  2. When I've cruised with my scoot, I leave it set up in the stateroom. Marlee

  3. I hate to do this in a post-comment, but I can't seem to find an *email* address for you, Elizabeth!
    How can I get in touch with you without hijacking someone else's stories?

  4. Mommy, I didn't have your email address to respond to you privately. Hopefully you'll see this. My email address is elizabeth@ifisher.com.