Saturday, March 27, 2010

Two TravelScoots, Four Adults, and Two Queen Beds -- Thank you LaQuinta!

Okay, let's talk cruising! In addition to the TravelScoot perspective I'm also writing from the perspective of a very large person and a first-time cruiser, so keep whatever information you find helpful and skip over the rest. :-)

We embarked on the Carnival Ecstasy on 3/20/10 out of Galveston. "We" is my best friend Melissa and her husband Greg, and me and my husband Alan. Melissa is not normally a TravelScoot user, but she borrowed Rhonda's for this trip. She only used hers for boarding, our days in Progreso and Cozumel, and briefly on the ship. I used mine all the time.

Our cruise was part of the
Big As Texas assembly, which is a conference for large people and those who love them.

The night before the cruise we stayed in Beaumont, Texas in a LaQuinta Inn. We had one room with two queen beds for four adults. We ALSO had all our cruise luggage in the room and two fully assembled TravelScoots and we still had plenty of room to get around.

That's Melissa in the photo above, and if you look closely you'll also see one scoot in the left corner and one in the right. The scoot with the tote bag on the seat has an SLA battery on the bottom of the stack and the regular size lithium ion on top. The other scoot (mine) has the large lithium ion battery on the bottom and the regular one on the top. As you'll see, they also make great places to put stuff!


  1. Dear Elizabeth and Melissa,
    Can I ask you what the white round sticker on the top of the scooter motor housing is for, please?
    It is visible in the picture of the scooter parked in front of the air-conditioner, and window; and also in the picture of Elizabeth riding on the wharf going towards the beautiful cruise ship.
    I have seen a small yellow sitcker on the side of some motor housings but not that big white one; can you help.
    (I've temproraily forgotten my password for my usual location, so I couldn't leave a comment/message from there.
    Reply by email if you wish.


  2. Daniel,

    I looked at mine yesterday and it's just a blank white sticker. I have no idea why it's there. Sorry I don't have a better answer!