Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dining on the Carnival Ecstasy

As anyone who has cruised already knows, there is no shortage of food on a cruise. As soon as we were on board (and feeling a bit lost!) we followed the flow of people and ended up on the Lido deck for a buffet lunch. There was one tricky incline Melissa and I had to make it up to get there, and I got better at it the more times I tried. The trick was getting a good running start, especially since I couldn't approach it head on. Towards the top I put my feet down to help make the last little bit and every time I did it I let out a little cheer on the other side.

There are tables and chairs set up in the buffet area, or you can eat on the Lido deck. The only problem I encountered is that the chairs in both these places were uncomfortable. The crew is very accommodating though, and when I asked for armless seating they went and found a chair and brought it to me. They also offered to carry my tray from the buffet without me even asking. Alan and I prefer restaurant dining over buffets, so we had most of our meals in the Windsong or Windstar dining rooms. Carnival, if you're reading, please change the name of one of these restaurants. It is so confusing trying to remember which is which.

There was always a place not far from the table for my scoot. I didn't want it out of my sight so that worked out very well.

I don't have a picture of us in the dining room so the picture you see if one Melissa took of something she had at supper. If you can identify what it is, please leave a comment for the rest of us.  :-)


  1. I just got home from the Ecstasy. I use a smallish Pride scooter, and found the MDR very accommodating. I was able to take it right to the table and stay in it for dinner. I have never been able to do that on any other ship. I do wish I could have gotten to the Serenity and Observation areas.

  2. I hope you had as wonderful a time as we did. It was my first cruise and I enjoyed the Ecstasy. I could take my TravelScoot out on the decks, but sometimes I needed to lift it over the door ledge. I think the Serenity deck was only accessible by stairs, so I didn't go their either. I'm not familiar with the Observation area.