Sunday, March 28, 2010

Carnival Ecstasy Blue Sapphire Theater

The Blue Sapphire Theater officially seats 1200. It can be accessed from two levels of the ship. Both these pictures were taken from the second level. There is size friendly AND scooter friendly seating all over the place. If you're using a scoot you'll probably prefer the first level, which is all handicap friendly, but if you're on the second level, there's this special handicap area available too. This is where most of the shows are, but also things like bingo and the towel folding workshop, which was surprisingly fun!

One of the highlights of the cruise for me was Cruise Director Steve Cassel's debarkation talk, where he explains what you do to get off the ship. We gots lots of helpful information from that, but I also laughed harder than I'd laughed in months as he told us the top ten stupidest questions every asked by Carnival Cruisers. ("What altitude are we cruising at?") Steve is an exceptionally funny guy.

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  1. I am totally enjoying the towel elephants :)