Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bump - bu - bump bump bump - b b b bump

From Lynn Ellen:

Cobblestones. How well does the TravelScoot do on surfaces such as one finds in Europe?

I have a friend whose sister is considering renting a Scoot for a trip to Ireland, and she's wondering how it will do on cobblestone roads.

I have taken my Scoot on some bumpy rides, as well as well-packed gravel and short grass. and there is certainly a certain amount of wear and tear and athletic challenge in going over uneven surfaces.


  1. It is difficult and yes bumpy, but gravel and bricks are doable. Grass is another matter. I keep wondering if all terrain wheels would work, but just don't thing the one wheel drive would hack it. I did have a little trouble doing Nancy's Secret garden in Key West. Some shredded bark got between the cogs and the belt. As long as a hard surface and you can stand the bumps,it will be OK.

  2. I have a question about using the scooter in Ireland. Has anyone traveled to Ireland on a coach tour and taken their Travelscoot? I am not getting very friendly reception from the tour groups when I ask about using a Travelscoot. Has any readers used one traveling in Ireland?

  3. I want to get my mother a travelscoot but I'm wondering if it can handle an uneven and hilly terrain. We are traveling and there may be several inclines. Has anyone tried riding the travelscoot up an incline? And if so, how steep?