Sunday, February 28, 2010

Parades, Parades, Parades

From Peggy:

The real reason I got my scooter was to go to parades. I will admit it was VERY cold each time I went out so you'll see layers upon top of layers. My friends Loved not having to carry anthing. I did pretty well getting around. Most people were very nice. Just like ya'll I had a few people who were obvilious. People would move aside so I could get to the back and about 5 people would go in front of me. Eventually, I would yell, "Excuse me," then they'd let me through. Some people are just a little slow. I've learned not to let it bother me. What did get to me a little was all of the non-family people with our group wanting to help me lift the scooter, put it in my car, etc. I haven't used it that much, so I'm still learning exactly the best way to put it in Stripe. I keep having to tell them I need to learn. Most of them were fooled by just how light it is.

Jimmy, the parrot, was a great hit with my great nieces and nephews. The all had to squeeze it and when they were in the ladder they'd call down, "Aunt Peggy, squeeze the horn, Pleeeeease!" I squeezed Jimmy so many times, I wonder how it still works. Like children, they accepted Silver without blinking an eye. I'd tell them I couldn't do all of the walking anymore but still wanted to be around them. The most I got in response was "Oh." Kids are great.

The picture of me at Endymion is with my 7 month old great niece Leighton. The group of ladies is at the Saints Parade, but the Endymion Figure is at their open house, and the one with me is at the ALLA, etc parades.

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