Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Basket 'o Breakfast

The first Saturday of the month was a scooter adventure to the Red Stick Farmer's Market with Rhonda, Melissa and Rae. Our first stop was a fun breakfast brought to the table courtesy of my Peterboro basket. It held 4 boxes of breakfast and all the fixings! I'm impressed and amazed at how much it holds. I've used my several times now for grocery shopping. It's much easier than pulling a grocery cart along and I can usually get what I need in 2 trips to the car. On average it holds about $50, depending on what you're buying.

I'd tell y'all what Rae and I bought our nephew Ben at the market, but I don't think it's arrived in D.C. yet and he might be reading.

Kay (Ben's mom) recently changed the motor on her scoot and took a bunch of pictures of it. I'll bet if you all give her some encouragement she'll send them to me so I can post them here.

What are you all up to with your scoots? I've got some pictures from Daniel in Poland that I need to post, so look for those soon!


  1. Recently back from cruise (+ four flights) with TravelScoot (aka my Trusty Steed). All went quite well. Hope to send review & pictures soon.


  2. I tried to take my Travel Scoot on a flight on Alaska Airlines last week and was denied boarding due to the litium ion battery. I have the 24 gram battery and was told that the FAA only allows lead acid batteries on mobility devices except for Segways. Anyone else ever have this problem?